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What's NEXT? Vision Night

By Phil Strange in Summerville Campus over 3 years ago | 661 views
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I mentioned this briefly on Sunday:

In April Pastor Greg  spoke about ‘defining moments’ for Seacoast during our first 25 years and that we were working on the vision for the next 25. And as I said on this past Sunday we would be having an event for you to attend.   It’s finally time and I hope you will join us for a special evening where Pastor Greg will offer a sneak peak at what’s NEXT for our church. We wanted a smaller setting to tell you about the season of exciting opportunity that lies ahead. So please join us on Oct 9th at 6:30 for Ice Cream  and opportunity to hear Pastor Greg share the Vision on the next 25! 

Please RSVP to this event so we can be sure to have enough Ice Cream and space for everyone.

To RSVP just reply Yes to your email or click yes directly over /under this post.

Sorry, Childcare will not be provided for this event.

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Discussion about this event

Kelly Blake on 10/02/2013


Janice Trudeau on 10/02/2013

YES….YES….can’t wait!

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Phil Strange on The City <(email address removed)> wrote:

Harold Young Jr. on 10/02/2013

Hi, YES!!

Bob Carbonaro on 10/02/2013

Yes (w/Elizabeth)

Bob Carbonaro
Financial Analyst – SC Wholesale Markets
843-761-8000 ext.4939

on 10/02/2013

Looking Forward to It !!!

Lisa Kaminski on 10/02/2013

Sounds awesome, yes

on 10/02/2013

Ice cream, Seacoast Summerville and Pastor Greg…… know we will be there—-looking forward to it.

Kelly Broad on 10/02/2013

Yes for family of three

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Original message -——-
Angie Kimsey on 10/02/2013

Please make sure to click YES if you will be attending.  Commenting here unfortunately does not include you in the number attending. THANKS!!!

Charlotte Holtry on 10/02/2013

Charlotte Holtry, health permitting

Harold Young Jr. on 10/02/2013

Thanks. I’ve clicked yes on the link that Skip provided.

Patsy Griffing on 10/02/2013

Jack and I will be out-of-town.

Kim Thomas on 10/02/2013

yes 2 will be there

Cindy Beasley on 10/02/2013

3 For Maybe
On Oct 2, 2013 11:20 AM, “Phil Strange on The City” <
(email address removed)> wrote:

Patty Cashwell on 10/02/2013


Linda Clemmons on 10/02/2013


Liz Milligan on 10/02/2013

Yes x3

Original Message——-

Ann Cotner on 10/05/2013

Looking forward to awesome worship music as usual. It is always great hearing Pastor Greg at ant time!

Joan Walter on 10/06/2013

Looking forward to Pastor Greg speaking live and the new and upcoming plans.

Sandy Rahr on 10/06/2013

:) So looking forward to it:)

Kim Botdorf on 10/09/2013


on 10/09/2013


MaryEllen De Vore on 10/11/2013

Thank you so for the ice cream and toppings. ♥ it made for an extra enjoyable time. Looking forward…

October 09
6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
301 East 5th North Street
SC 29483
Map It

80 people
are coming
Marlena Loomis (2)

Kim Botdorf (1)

Marc Thomas (2)

Kevin Bowlby (4)

Scott Tucker (2)

Carl Brown (1)

Betty Boudreau (1)

Angela Reeder (1)

Tammy Ashe (3)

Marilyn Lester (3)

Amy Young (2)

Dave Harrison (1)

Cindy Beasley (3)

Sandy Rahr (2)

Joan Walter (1)

Dave Thompson (2)

Patty Cashwell (3)

Ann Cotner (3)

Jessica Hoffman (4)

Sherry Strange (1)

Bonnie Walker (2)

Dan McGannon (3)

Kelsey Unterbrink (1)

Jimmy Andrews (1)

Laurel Hoskins (2)

Brooks Harvey (2)

Austin Bowen (1)

Jim Sitler (2)

Liz Milligan (1)

Joe Hanna (2)

Linda Clemmons (1)

Kim Thomas (1)

Barb Buckley (2)

Brian Knight (1)

Kathy Dotson (1)

Angie Kimsey (1)

MaryEllen De Vore (2)

Kelly Broad (1)

Harold Young Jr. (1)

Mary Frierson (1)


Bob Carbonaro (2)

Skip Thompson (1)

Janice Trudeau (1)

Kelly Blake (2)

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